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Terms and condition

Please note that registration via the website is a mandatory registration. The registration is a written agreement that the applicant personally consent to pay the issued fee at the appointed date.

If you, as an applicant, cancel your participation later than three weeks before, you will be charged 50% of the course fee. Cancellations later than one week are charged 100% of the course fee.

Please note!
If you sign up for one of our workshops, you agree to become a license holder of the SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND® concepts following completion and approval of the training. Licenses are required for the concepts SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND®.

Being a license holder is the general requirement for presenting any of our concepts and to make use of the SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND® trademark, choreography and music.

By applying for and participating in any of our workshops, you agree to these terms and conditions.

To be a license holder of SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND®, the participant must be approved at the end of the workshop. Only the educator has the right to approve the participant.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop up until the day before the scheduled date of the workshop. If the workshop is canceled, the workshop fee will be refunded 100%.

Force Majeure
No financial compensation is given for unpredictable events that affect the course of education. The educators will, to the extent extent necessary, complete and fulfill the required specificatiuonbs for the education to achieve the intended purpose.

The participant is responsible for determining whether she or he has the physical skills necessary to participate in the workshop.

Tutors, resellers, nor anyone affiliated with the workshop are liable for any damage or injury that the participant incurs during and/or after the workshop by using the instructions or understandings of the SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND® concepts.

After the workshop it is the individual participant's responsibility to ensure the quality of the use of the SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND® concepts to their customers.

Neither the tutors nor any part of the resellers possess this responsibility. It is also the participant who is responsible for any bodily or property damage and/or injury that may occur due to the use of any of the SOMA MOVE® and/or SOMA MIND® concepts.

The cost for each workshop is stated in the applicant form.

Cost of licenses.
Licenses are based on a monthly rate that is compiled for the entire period and billed to the license holder or his/her employer. Note: Each license is individual to each license holder and not to a specific training center, club or other facility.

- The cost for a SOMA MOVE® license is 345 SEK per month, ex VAT. A license period is 4 months.

- The cost for a SOMA MIND® license is 99 SEK per month, ex VAT. A license period is 4 months.

(Note: Swedish exchange rate will apply.)

One license period is 4 months. This is also one release period. Termination of the license must be made 30 days prior to the new release. The license can be paused in cases of pregnancy, planned surgery or sudden illness. If a license is terminated and restarted within one license period, i.e. 4 months, a fee of SEK 1 000 ex VAT will be charged.

The two concepts, SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND®, are based on so called, “releases.” This means that new choreography and music are released periodically. All this material is available online on our website to license paying instructors.

- Releases for SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND® are presented every 4 months. (March–July | July–Nov | Dec–March)

The following information is registered by us:

- Given by you: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Country, Billing Address, Billing Details, and Facility.

- The last 10 logins with date and time.

- If the license is active or not, and the reason for this.

- Information about license and license agreements.

The trademarks SOMA MOVE and MIND® may only be used in the following respects:

- On open and closed classes with physically present licensed instructor.

- At event or other general forums with physically present licensed instructor.

- In one on one sessions with physically present licensed instructor.

- In the form presented by the authors and by a physically present licensed instructor.

- It is allowed to film SOMA MOVE and MIND and presented as short "promotional movies", max 3 min long and present on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo or similar services.

SOMA MOVE and MIND® may NOT be used in the following respects:

- Instructed by someone who is not approved and licensed.

- Altered or in some way changed from the choreography given by the authors.

- SOMA MOVE or MIND may not be streamed live through social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

- SOMA MOVE or MIND may not be filmed for longer or in fullclass format and distributed via video services such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar services.

The brand SOMA MOVE® and MIND®

The copyright owners own the full rights to the SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND® trademarks, as well as under applicable materials.

Trademarks are only allowed for use by authorized and licensed instructors.

The license is personal and can only be administered by the instructor. This means that termination and commissioning of a dormant license can only be done by an instructor and not a facility.

Trademarks are protected under Swedish copyright law. Abuse may ber reoprted.

Licensed instructor owns the right to utilize the above-mentioned materials and trademarks for the duration of which it is affiliated with the product and if the payment of the fee is registered by the supplier.

Abuse of this by sharing to third parties will be charged.

Licensed instructor owns the right to represent the product at any training facility as long as no other information about discrepancies about this is disclosed to the customer.

Training facility or other third party is entitled to market the product as long as there is an approved and licensed instructor connected to the business.

If the instructor leaves the facility, the plant also loses the aforementioned rights.

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