Slow and calm flowing movments, always standing. A clear experience of being strong and softly moving the body with grace and ease. Slowly heating up from inside.

SLOW is an invitation to all who wants to experience the holistic movement and enjoy it in standing. We move over the floor on our feet and we reach with our hands. Creating long, strong and beautiful movements.

One recognizes the clear SOMA MOVE identity in the weave of exercises that builds up each SLOW session. They are born from the same idea and wish.

SLOW is the perfect movment form when you want to move away from stress and increase your mobility, circulation and experience your body as one soft and strong flowing entety.

Take part in our teacher training program.

SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND® are pre choreographed group exercise classes. To be able to present the concept one needs to participate in a teacher training and thereafter pay a monthly license fee.

Read all about the terms of agreement here.

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