SOMA MIND® is a functional practice for stillness, recovery and a relaxed nervous system.

Through well chosen exercises and an allowing atmosphere, you will enjoy a calmer and a more quiet body and mind.

Your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, and due to that, stress and anxiety will be reduced.

A restless and a wandering mind is often a less happy mind - if you practice meditative focus, you release yourself from daily repetetive thoughts and strengthen your ability to conscious presence - a rewarding state that increase sensitivity, gratefulness and happiness.

The techniques are simple and effective towards a relaxed body and mind.

Nothing strange or hokey, only wellproved and easy to do exercises that are comfortable and rewarding.

” Inhale one, two , three, four…. Hold one, two, exhale one, two, three, four, five, six….. hold out one, two… Laying on the mat with a cozy blanket under my head and my knees and guiding my breath to become a little longer and deeper. The instructor tells me to relax my jaw, eyes and my forehead… My body feels heavy and spacious at the same time. The music is soft on a low volume and I feel deeply relaxed and satisfied… I experience how it is to just be - instead of thinking or doing.”

After a SOMA MIND® class you will probably have more open senses, feel more grounded and be more nice and lovely towards the world.

SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND® are pre choreographed group exercise classes. To be able to present the concept one needs to participate in a teacher training and thereafter pay a monthly license fee.

Read all about the terms of agreement here.

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